meet the team

Dana Wright

CEO & Founder

Dana is an Organization Development practitioner who has expertise in consulting, training and professional coaching. With 20+ years of consulting experience, Dana is both expert in and creator of a variety of organizational and team development processes. Known for her ability to connect with people, understand internal issues and develop processes that help move the client forward, Dana is driven by her passion to eliminate barriers to action and make sure that every voice is heard.

Emily Shepard


Emily is a skilled visual thinker who’s able to listen for the essential points of a discussion or presentation and synthesize them into an engaging and organized visual. Her extensive background in graphic design (15 years) and fine art has given her a strong ability to visually capture tangible and abstract concepts so that groups can “see” their challenges, and create a clear path forward. Her ability to quickly sketch ideas enables her to work with our clients who are looking for storyboards, illustrations, murals and animated videos.

Nevada Lane


Nevada Lane is tan experienced, results-oriented facilitator and team development consultant with a knack for drawing pictures in real-time that catalyze team insight and learning. Her passion is helping teams increase their effectiveness by focusing on collective goals as well as their relationships with one another. When she works with teams to design retreats and meeting experiences, her role is to set the stage for great conversations that will move the team to the next level. She also specializes in helping teams communicate the context and progress of their work to stakeholders with custom storymaps, illustrations, and sketch animations.

Anthony Weeks


For nearly 20 years, Anthony has been a real-time illustrator and information designer. Using text, color, and graphics, he has worked with senior leadership teams in both for-profit and non-profit organizations to chronicle, document, and represent their conversations visually–as they are having them. As he creates visually-rich murals in the meeting room, participants are able to see the main ideas, themes, questions, conflicts, and relationships between ideas emerge. It is the creation of a group memory during the meeting.

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