Why you should work with us

At Take Action, we harness over 20 years of multi-industry experience to get your team excited, engaged, and on the same page. We’re not another training session; we are engagement ambassadors.
Our Mission

Take Action works to promote conversation through engagement, visuals, and collaborative brainstorming. In order to get teams moving in the right direction, we work to eliminate barriers to action, inspire new ideas and give employees a voice through visuals.

Our Philosophy
  1. Ask why
  2. Listen to understand, not to respond
  3. Support passion
  4. Look for opportunities for conversation
Our Vision

At Take Action, our vision is to help build companies where people are excited to go to work, passionate about their contributions, and motivated to speak out. We support our vision by providing companies with the resources to engage with and encourage  their teams, creating collaborative workplaces working towards positive change.


we create awesome stuff

But it’s mostly because we have awesome clients. We love the conversations we get to capture, because with passionate, excited clients like ours, you never know who’s about to change the world.

Our Work

All talk and no action? Not us — we like to let our work speak for itself.

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